"Also let’s talk for a moment about having nice things and a theme I see a lot, “I shouldn’t be allowed to have nice things!” There is, of course, a certain level on which you should take extra care with your nicer items. Wearing your suede Tods in a blizzard? Yeah, you should beat yourself up over ruining your $500 shoes because you’re irresponsible! But getting a stain on a nice bag, or scuffing a shoe while getting out of a cab? That’s just life! Accidents happen, and if they happen to you it absolutely doesn’t mean that you’re a person who doesn’t deserve to have nice things. The fact that you’ve taken the time to ask how to clean the item actually is the best indication possible that you do, indeed, have every right to have nice things!"

Jolie Kerr in her column, ASK A CLEAN PERSON, for THE HAIRPIN

Is it weird to throw a cleaning quote in here?  I hear this at the shop too—particularly with silk items (“I sweat!”) and leather bags (“I scuff things!”)—and I like Jolie’s attitude.  

It’s okay, everyone gets things dirty sometimes.  Really: everyone.  And, in fact, sometimes it’s what adds character.


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